Marlon Wayans: Funny Is The New Sexy

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(photo courtesy of instagram)

Marlon Wayans believes in putting as much fun into fitness as possible.

Marlon is a member of one of the funniest families of comedy.  With a host of television and feature films under his belt, including The Wayans Bros., Scary Movie, and White Chicks, Marlon continues to make a name for himself as he just turned 44.

Regardless of his age, and the fact that he’s a father two, Marlon is still seen as the baby-faced member of the Wayans clan. And when he hits the gym, Marlon believes in infusing his workouts with enough excitement and fun to help keep him focused and less bored.

Here are some of his tips for success…


1. Consistency: “I work out five to six days a week in order to keep my energy up. I don’t always feel like going, but it keeps my body and mind sharp.”

2. Circuit Training: Mix up your gym routine so that you are always doing different things.  It helps keep you engaged, and it may actually help you burn more fat.

3. Yoga: Marlon says it’s a perfect way to loosen your muscles and get centered for the day.

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(photo courtesy of Instagram)

4. Fitness Videos: Marlon actually uses these. He’s been known to use BeachBody, Insanity and P90X to keep strong while he’s on the road.

Marlon says he will continue to push himself into bigger, and more arduous roles, including producing and directing. And from the looks of it, his body will easily keep up with ride.

So what’s next for Marlon? Even though he’s not playing the iconic Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, he is still touring, producing, starring and writing movies, as well as producing digital content. The brother is working!

Here’s a clip of his audition for Richard Pryor:

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