Questlove: Healthier, Happier & Beating To A New Drum

When Questlove first got serious about changing his lifestyle he started with his diet, stating he’d “totally taken out gluten, wheat, and most dairies” from his diet. ” “Two days of the week I get to have fish, shrimp, or lobster. The other five days of the week it’s either seitan, soy, or tofu. I do a lot of greens. I do a lot of juice cleansing, ginger, and a lot of beet juice.”

Although nutrition is an essential factor of health, Questlove did not stop there. “That’s another thing I’ve learned relaxin’, sleep, yoga. I didn’t know that that’s as crucial as going hard, as working’ hard, as exercising hard…And what my yoga instructor, what my trainer, what they’re trying to teach me is that, “No, it’s sleep.” That’s important. That’s just as important as working’ out.”

Currently, he has cut even more from his diet now that he is a vegan. Unless they are used to bang drums to make hits, Questlove will not be picking up drumsticks anytime soon.