The Transformation Of Morris Chestnut: From Movies To Muscle

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images 2019 )

Handsome Hollywood star and sex symbol, Morris Chestnut, has been making ladies swoon since his appearance in Boyz N The Hood back in 1991. Fast forward nearly 30 years and the handsome actor is married and has been for over twenty years and has two grown children now. But Morris doesn’t have your typical “dad-body” with love handles and a beer belly. But, at one time, he actually did.

When Morris Chestnut hit the media circuit to promote the blockbuster movie, 2014’s The Best Man Holiday, Morris had transformed into an incredible chiseled man. But, the truth is that not long before shooting that film, Morris was in the worst shape of his life—35 pounds heavier than he should have been, over 220 pounds, avoiding the gym, and frequenting the drive-through.

Knowing he would be on screen again and with more skin showing this time, he turned to celebrity trainer Obi Obadike to help him turn things around in time for the movie–and the results speak for themselves. Morris went from 220 pounds to a lean and ripped 187 pounds in just 12 weeks, and audiences haven’t stopped raving about his new look—or asking how he achieved it.

Now Morris and Obi have teamed up to share this life-changing and accessible program with fans nationwide. Morris is literally calling out all those who want a better body and want to lose weight in the next few weeks, to use him to do it.

With Obi’s trademark fat-burning exercise program and cutting edge weight loss nutrition techniques, THE CUT is a book and program designed to help readers drop pounds quickly—up to 10 pounds in 10 days (no seriously!). It even boasts being able to lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks as well.

Featuring Morris’s personal exercise and diet plan, including delicious recipes like Carne Asada Tacos, as well as success stories from dozens of everyday people who have lost weight and kept it off, this book is sure to be a game-changer.
“There were a couple of shirtless scenes he had to do in the movie, and Morris had to look lean and muscular for that film,” explains Obi. “So when he came to me in December 2012, he was literally in the worst shape of his life.”

“I ended up helping him lose 33 pounds in 12 weeks to get him in the best shape of his life at 44 years old. He ended up…